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Milani Plumbing is a major commercial and residential maintenance company in British Columbia and wants to further solidify their image as the go-to residential plumbing service. A great customer service is their priority and keeps them returning business, and they wanted to find a way to incorporate the message of their quality customer service with their target demographic BC residents.


Through a guided consultation process, a TV campaign + YouTube ad campaign was setup for Milani Plumbing to establish a stronger reputation and brand recognition with their residential target audience. A CTV and GlobalTV ad campaign was set up for over 6 months period with 30 sec and 15 sec ads spaces at prime time. YouTube ads including testimonials were designed to increase social media following and in turn increase bookings. TV and YouTube ads were developed and produced were aligned with the already established messaging and branding guidelines by Milani Marketing Department. Furthermore print media assets such as magazine and newspaper ads were provided to ensure standardization for their brand across all platforms.

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